If teaching is your passion, but you feel like you aren’t making any headway in the field of education, it might be time to consider an approach that is a little different from a traditional teacher-classroom format. With Prep Academy Tutors, you have room to grow and develop your teaching skills in a way that is both personally and professionally satisfying. Our one-on-one approach enables you to adapt your teaching method to students of all ages, strengths, and learning methods to help them succeed. The progress is tangible and immensely rewarding for those with a passion for education. If this sounds like a dream come true, pinch yourself—it’s not. It’s just how we do things here at Prep Academy Tutors! Join our team and fulfill your passion for teaching.

Are you a clear communicator with a passion for teaching?

Are you interested in helping students grow?

If you’re looking for a career in education, but want to have a bigger impact on children’s lives, becoming a tutor with Prep Academy Tutors might be the career path you’ve been looking for. We are an elite group of teachers who help students in the comfort of their own homes with professional-level instruction—but with a philosophy that makes us as friendly or approachable as any classmate. At Prep Academy Tutors, we approach students as partners and co-learners, not students. We do not want to repeat old paradigms of lecturers vs. listeners. Instead, we sit alongside our students in order to help them understand and internalize the material. Our tutors are more like the student’s “smart friend” than their teacher.

Personal, Friendly Approach

Why do we approach students as friends and equals? Because we have learned that students are often hindered by their own lack of belief in their ability to learn. We want tutors who are not just amazing instructors, but are passionate about truly helping students unlock their own potential on a one-on-one level. Prep Academy Tutors communicates with families in a way that’s both clear and friendly, breaking barriers so students can learn more effectively—while having fun!

Elite Instructors & Qualified Teachers

While our approach is personal, our team is devoted to the highest standards of education. Every one of our tutors is certified and trained in multiple teaching styles and programs. By combining professional instruction with friendliness and approachability, we ensure that our students are receiving the best possible academic help and opportunity. At Prep Academy Tutors, our tutors are expected to motivate and challenge students. This is an important aspect of a tutor’s job and perhaps the most important in that the tutor should foster a healthy sense of accomplishment and self-esteem in the student to promote continued academic growth and development.

  • Work for yourself not by yourself!

  • Earn extra income

  • Set your own schedule

  • Possible professional development

  • Marissa Boccongelle

    Director of Education

    “ Prep Academy Tutors hires based on passion and a love for teaching. It’s as simple as that. Having teachers who love what they do is contagious and promotes an open, engaging environment that fosters learning. ”





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Meet Some of Our Growing Team

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